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December 20, 2008

Uyir Puththagam-Book Review

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Uyir Puththagam(Tamil translation of Ayussinte Pusthakam Malayalam) Book Review
Kizhakku Pathippakam deserves appreciation for its innovative book review scheme. I got uyir puthagam for a review. It took three days to read the book, one day to write the review and for more than a month to post my review. People are making tall claims about Tamil computing, but for people like me it seems to be a luxury. Finally I scanned my review and uploaded it. If any one suggest me an user friendly Tamil software, I will be thankful to them to the rest of my life.

“kizhakku” people may apolozise for this delay over which I have no control. If they teach me tamil computing, I am pleased to write more reviews in this blog.

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